Singapore Cement Terminal

EnGro maintains its ability to service local (both bulk and bag) sales competitively via its state-of-the-art bulk terminal located at Jurong Port on Pulau Damar Laut’s (PDL). The Cement Terminal is served by two dedicated berths, each with a 40,000 deadweight tonnes capacity and three sophisticated screw-type unloaders, each with a maximum rated capacity of up to 800 tonnes per hour.

The terminal has a storage capacity of 60,000 metric tonnes in two silos, – Duo-Cell and Multi-Cell configuration. All 9 cells have different storage capacities for delivery of different types of specialty cement in volume. It is designed to handle annual throughput of 1.2 million tons.

These modern facilities possess a materials receiving system, mixing plant for blending operations, bulk loading points for loading of various cements to tankers for bulk delivery, and automatic packing and palletizing systems for bagged cement operations. It’s highly automated system using sophisticated Programmable Logic Control (PLC) system.

Singapore & Malaysia Ready-Mixed Concrete (“RMC”) Operations

Serving as an extention to our bulk terminal operation, the RMC arm, Top-Mix ready-mix operation, is rapidly expanding to meet the strong demand in Singapore shown by the turnaround in the real estate market as well as the buoyant Singapore economy.

While we continue to strengthen our Cement and RMC business in Singapore, Top-Mix Concrete (Malaysia) operation has expanded rapidly from the acquisition in 2011 with only one dry-mixed RMC batching plant, it has since expanded to several RMC batching plants equipped with the latest computerised batching system, strategically situated at strategic locations throughout Southern Johore region. The setting-up of these batching plants were timely as it enabled Top-Mix Concrete (Malaysia) to tap on the growing development of Iskandar Development Region (IDR) which witnessed many iconic projects being launched in the last two years.

With the commitment of Malaysia government and investors’ growing confidence in Johor Bahru IDR developments, we expect Top-Mix Concrete (Malaysia) to be able to expand its operations further and benefit greatly from the positive growth prospects of the IDR.

Specialty Cement (GGBS) Operations

GGBS operationsOur GGBS Business
Our outward-looking strategy since 2002 has brought us into North Asia, in particular, China followed by an investment in South Korea. Thus far, performance of our respective Ground Granulated Blast-furnace Slag (“GGBS”) joint ventures (“JVs”) in China are encouraging and continue to expand. At present, our GGBS capacity has reached 10.7 million tpa in North Asia.

We recognized the need to have a long-term presence in China and the importance of positioning ourselves in an emerging economic zone within China as well as establishing partnerships. Presently, China is enjoying enormous benefits from its continuing rapid economic development, and our investments in this transitioning market promise attractive returns.

The 5 key locations of our GGBS growth
Our GGBS plants in China are located in 5 provinces, namely, Hebei province, Shandong province, Jiangsu province, Hunan province and Fujian province. These provinces form the Beijing-Shanghai corridor which has a combined population of close to 200 million people.

In Hebei province, our Tanglong GGBS plant (2 production lines with a total of 1.2 million tons per annum (“tpa”) capacity) is located in Tangshan City while the TangAng GGBS plant (1 production line of 0.6 million tpa capacity) is located near Jing Tang port, which allows us to tap the export opportunities. Both Tanglong and TangAng are strategically located to access the rapidly developing Bohai Rim region; their proximity to Jing Tang port allows us to tap the export opportunities.

In Shandong province, we have 2 GGBS plants located in Jinan City, comprising of Luxin 3 production lines of 1.8 million ton per annum capacity. A fourth production line of 600,000 tons has operational. Beside Jinan city, we have corporate another 2 production lines 1.2 million tons in Qingdao city. So it make our annual GGBS production capacity in Shandong province reach 3.6 million tons per annum.

In Jiangsu province, Huailong JV targets itself to run capacity of 1.2 million tons. Relying on the strength of our partner Huai’an Iron & Steel Co. (“HuaiGang”) and the expertise of EnGro in the application of GGBS, Huailong JV is all set to be a supplier to more green building projects in Huai’an. The annual production capacity of our GGBS plant in Huai’an, North Jiangsu province currently stands at 1.2 million tons.

In Hubei province, the construction Wuhan JV’s production lines were completed at the end of 2011. The 1.2 million tpa production lines began operation from Q1 2012 onwards. Another 1.8 million tpa production has been signed on 2013, which will allow Wuhan Wuxin GGBS plant to achieve 3 million tpa production.

Located in Fujian Province, the Quanzhou Luxin plant came to being as a result of efforts by Jinan Luxin which took the initiative opportunity to grow beyond Jinan city and Shandong province. Lying 130 km north of Xiamen (厦门), the plant faces Taiwan across the Taiwan Strait. Quanzhou plant is the fifth mill operated under the wings of Jinan Luxin and is located within the Quanzhou Shage Port, a deep-sea port capable of handling 70,000-ton vessels. This facilitates the receipt of raw slag thus lowering cost, and is well placed strategically to capture a market where GGBS is in demand.

In China alone, our annual GGBS production capacity has reached 10.2 million tons. In addition, we have a joint venture GGBS plant in Incheon, South Korea, with an annual production capacity of 0.5 million tons. Our plants in China and South Korea will have a total combined annual GGBS production capacity of 10.7 million tons.

China Ready-Mixed Concreate Operations

The Group established three Joint Ventures (JVs) in Changshu City (常熟) in Jiangsu Province China, for the manufacturing and sale of ready mixed concrete (RMC). With a total production capacity of 900,000 cubic metres per annum, our Changshu JVs are leading players in Changshu City.

Our Changlong JV has won numerous accolades including “Best Enterprise” from the Suzhou Building Association, “Leader in Construction Industry” from the Changsu City Development Authority, and was awarded the Bronze award by Lu Shan Town government for contribution to the city.

Brief profiles of the above RMC companies are as follows:

  • Changshu Changlong Concrete Co. Ltd, a joint venture with Jiangsu Jintumu Civil Construction Co. Began operations in 1995 and received ISO 9002 certification in 1998
  • Changshu Changxin Concrete Co. Ltd, a joint venture with Jiangsu Jintumu Civil Construction Co. Started operations in year 2001
  • Changshu Changyin Concrete Co. Ltd, was formed in December 2003 with Changshu Chang Yin Shi Ye Ltd Co
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