Specialty Polymer

R&P Singapore

R&P Pte Ltd (R&P) is one of the region’s leading producers in customised polymer processing, compounding, providing solutions to enhance material performance as well as colour appearance for major polymer producers.

Established in 1989, R&P has since grown to be the preferred value creation partner of compounding expertise across a wide range of polymers applications for electrical, electronics, automotive, construction, civil engineering, household, consumer, packaging and aerospace sectors.

R&P compounds and processes a broad polymer family portfolio from customised Engineering Polymers, Thermoplastic Elastomers, Colouring and Functional Masterbatches as well as Colour Compounds.

Since late 2014, R&P has transformed into an independent compounder and expanded its regional presence into China in June 2016 when it established Kunshan R&P, a 40 per cent-owned joint venture company. It also serves as the R&D center to R&P. Close proximity to its key customers gives it advantage to pursue greater business opportunities and serve its customers effectively.

Subsequently it added manufacturing facilities in Malaysia in early 2018 under its 60 per cent-owned subsidiary, R&P Technologies Pte Ltd (RPT).  RPT supplies to various countries in Asia such as China, India, Japan, Indonesia and Thailand, and is actively exploring new sales opportunities in Indonesia and Malaysia.


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